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Goat cheese artisans
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Discover a unique cheese considered probably the best goat cheese in the world
About us
About us
Lacteos Segarra

Lacteos Segarra , S.L. is a company from Elche (Alicante), which coming from a farmer family. Since beginning of the company in 1986, we started to transform the milk from our farm to cheese, always with goat milk.


Later of more than 25 years, we follow innovating and discovering the great qualities of our products.

Nowadays, we are a moderm company and we prepare to sell in national and international market a wide range of goat cheese, separated in three lines, fresh goat cheese, matured goat cheese, and free service, all the products with oru brand CAPRILLICE.

We have a quality department, which controls all processes an it assures safe and high quality food products. Since 1996, we dispose of most important quality certificates in the international markets, like IFS (International Featured Standars) and BRC in grade A (British Retail Consortium).

At present, we are exporting in 10 countries, and between these, we would like to emphasize our company is the first company from Spain to sell cheese in all Japan.

In summary, we can say Lácteos Segarra is a reference in national and international market in goat cheese.


If you want more information about our products, follow us in Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/segarralacteos



CAPRILLICE “was born in honor to more than 2000 years of history of Elche and it means: CAPRI: Derivative of the word goat in Latin language, and ILLICE; Ancient denomination of the city of Elche approximately 2000 years ago and whose name comes given by the Romans in the epoch of the emperor Julius Caesar Augusto.

Lacteos Segarra
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Free Lactose Matured Cheese
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