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There are few cheese that give so much pleasure
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Tarta de queso Manhattan

Tarta de queso Manhattan

-200g  biscuit crumbs
-6 spoonful of butter
-400 g  cottage CAPRILLICE or fresh cheese CAPRILICE for those who prefer a stronger cheese flavour.          
-2 eggs
-sunflower oil
-140 g of sugar
-1  ½ spoonful of vanilla essence   
-450 ml doble cream


Blueberries sauce

-250g off fresh blueberries   
-50g of sugar
-1 spoonful of corn flour
-4 spoonful of water


First melt the butter alt low heat and add crumbs.
Spread butter on detachable round mold (20 cm diametre) and spread the biscuit paste on the base.
Beat a cheese together with the eggs, 100g of sugar and ½ spoonful of vanilla essence until it is soft.
Spread this biscuit paste over the biscuit base and flatten it.

Preheat oven at 190 ºC, 20 minutes or until it is baked. Take out and wait 20 minutes. Leave oven on.
Mix the cream with rest of sugar and vanilla essence and Spreads over the cake.
Bake for 10 minutes, let it cool down and keep in fridge all night.
To make the sauce, heat the sugar with 2 spoonful of water and stir until liquid. Add the blueberries and cook them for a few minutes, covered until they go soft. Put saucepan aside. Mix corn flour with the rest of water in a bowl.
Add the fruit and stir until they go soft. Low heat it again.
Wait until it thickens and looks transparent and let it cool down
Unmold the cake 1 hour before serving it. Spread the sauce over and keep in the fridge until serving.


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