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100 % Pure goat cheese
Lacteos Segarra

In Lacteos Segarra we compete clearly for the quality. From the quality department takes an exhaustive control of all our raw material. There is carried out an exclusive selection of the best goat milk of the Mediterranean area, this is the only way to obtain a product of high quality and with the unique flavor. The race of goat murciano - native of Granada, indigenous goat of our zone, which thanks to the unbeatable Mediterranean climate and a suitable feeding, it is responsible for our cheeses CAPRILLICE have these so special characteristics.


Lacteos Segarra applies along the whole process, from the suppliers until it arrives to the final client, a system APPCC (analysis of dangers and critical checkpoints) that assures the quality and food safety in every point of the productive chain. In addition to this entire control panel, a quality distinction exists in all our products, which is over the basic requisite of food safety that comes determined across the different legislations that we are demanded. The company applies a system of management of food safety, certified by LRQA (Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance). We have: IFS and the protocol BRC (version 5, certification GRADE A) of recognized prestige on a global scale. These stamps provide to all our products an added value, giving to CAPRILLICE CHEESES a unique quality and safety that distinguish them from other products of the market, providing quality guarantee.


Since 1986 our master cheese maker has put all his experience and knowledge in to finding the right balance to attract, with the best goat cheese, the most demanding palates. From this inspiration CAPRILLICE, was born a fine selection of the best Mediterranean goat milk intense of flavour, texture and traditional noble taste as a result of the patience in its elaboration process.

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In Lacteos Segarra we compete clearly...
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