Project Description

Queso tierno La Casita Caprillice

Caprillice cheescake

Manufacturing process

Reception of raw materials, refrigeration, mixing of ingredients according to formulation, kneading, moulding, baking (oven), packaging (thermosealing), labelling, palletising, weighing, dispatching.


Soft and elegant dessert, pleasant to the palate. Our favourite dessert!

Average nutritional values per 100g

Moisture: < 50% 0 ufc/g
Protein: 7,3 g
Fat 12,9 g absence in 30g
Carbohydrate 22 g <1000 ufc/g
Ash 2,1 g
Calories 233Kcal
Total dry extract > 50% 0 ufc/0,1g

Product specifications

Sales unit information

Article code: 3001
EAN code: 8426112003210
Weight: 1,5 Kg (Aprox)
Dimensions(LxWxH): 26,6×26,9x 5,5 cm
Lifespan: 30 days

Box information

EAN 14: 98426112223215
Units per box: 2
Net weight: 3 kg