Project Description

Queso tierno La Casita Caprillice

Caprillice hard cheese

Manufacturing process

This cheese follows a careful maturation process in a chamber during at least 6 months, which is controlled by expert cheesemakers. All this means that this product has an intense flavour and an exquisite bouquet that is highly valued by the most demanding palates.


It’s suitable to give a touch of greatness to any cheese platter.

Average nutritional values per 100g

Moisture: < 35 %
Protein: 22,4%
Fat: 35,6%
Ash: 4,7%
Carbohydrate: 2,7%
Calcium: 680 mg (85% of the RDI: Recommended Daily Intake)

Nutritional composition

Calories: 421 Kcal. (1760 KJ)

Physical-chemical characteristics

Total dry extract: > 65%
MG/ES:> 45%. Fatty

contenido por ración de queso curado

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Product specifications

Sales unit information

Article code: 2200
EAN code: 8426112006037
Weight: 2,2Kg (aprox.)
Height: 10,5cm (aprox.)
Diameter: 16,5cm (aprox.)
Lifespan: 180 days
Packaging type: vacuum-packed
Conservation: 4-8ºC

Box information

EAN code: 98426112226032
Units per box: 2
Net weight: 4,4Kg

Pallet information

Boxes per layer: 12
Layers per pallet: 8
Boxes per pallet: 96
Height: 98cm (aprox.)
Net weight: 422kg (aprox.)
Eur. pallet.: Yes