Project Description

queso curado de cabra mini

Mini Caprillice hard cheese

Manufacturing process

Milk reception, refrigeration, pasteurisation, fermentation, coagulation, curd cutting, moulding, pressing, salting, maturation (>45 days), painting, packaging (thermoformed vacuum), labelling, weighing, palletising, dispatching.


Addressed to the general public. Unsuitable for people with egg and/or goat’s milk intolerance or allergy.

Average nutritional values per 100g

Moisture: < 40 %
Protein: 24,9 g
Fat: 36,9 g
Carbohydrate: 0,7 g
Calcium : 970 mg (121% of the RDI: Recommended Daily Intake)

Nutritional composition

Calories: 1800 kJ (454 kcal)

Physical-chemical characteristics

Total dry extract: > 60%
MG/ES: > 45%

Product specifications

Sales unit information

Article code: 2205
EAN code: 8426112009618
Weight: 400 g (aprox.)
Height: 5,5cm (aprox.)
Diameter: 10cm (aprox.)
Lifespan: 180 days
Packaging type: vacuum-packed
Conservation: 4-8ºC

Box information

EAN code: 18426112001435
Units per box: 12
Net weight: 5,10 Kg (aprox.)

Pallet information

Boxes per layer: 10
Layers per pallet: 10
Boxes per pallet: 100
Height: – (aprox.)
Net weight: 480 kg (aprox.)
Eur. pallet: –