Project Description

Queso tierno La Casita Caprillice

Traditional cow fresh cheese

Manufacturing process

Reception of milk, refrigeration, pasteurisation, coagulation, curd cutting, moulding, pressing, salting, packaging (thermosealed tub), labelling, weighing, palletising, dispatching.


Addressed to the general public. Unsuitable for people with cow’s milk intolerance.

Average nutritional values per 100g

Moisture: < 60%
Protein: 15,5 g
Fat: 17,1 g
Carbohydrate: 2,0 g
Salt: 0,9 g

Nutritional composition

Calories: 929 kJ (224 kcal)

Physical-chemical characteristics

Total dry extract: > 40 %
MG/ES: > 45 %

Product specifications

Sales unit information

Article code: 1155
EAN code: 8426112005559
Weight: 200 g (aprox.)
Height: 4,5cm (aprox.)
Diameter: 11cm (aprox.)
Lifespan: 25 days
Packaging type: modified atmosphere
Conservation: 2-4ºC

Box information

EAN code: 18426112005556
Units per box: 1
Net weight: 1,7 Kg (aprox.)

Pallet information

Boxes per layer: 15
Layers per pallet: 10
Boxes per pallet: 150
Height: – (aprox.)
Net weight: 240 kg (aprox.)
Eur. pallet: –