Lácteos Segarra quality

100% pure goat cheese

At Lácteos Segarra, we are clearly committed to quality. Our Quality Control Department carries out an exhaustive control of all our raw materials. An exclusive selection of the best goat’s milk in the Mediterranean area is carried out, as only in this way can a high quality product with a unique and distinctive flavour be obtained. The race of Murcia-Granada goat, autochthonous goat of our area, together with the Mediterranean climate and with an adequate feeding, makes that the main raw materials of our CAPRILLICE cheeses have those special characteristics.

Lácteos Segarra has implemented a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system throughout the entire production process, from the suppliers to the final customer, which ensures food quality and safety at each point in the production chain. In addition to all these controls, all our products have a quality distinction that is above the basic requirements of food safety determined by the different legislations that apply to us. The company has implemented a food safety management system through two quality seals: the IFS standard and the internationally recognized BRC protocol. These certificates give all our products an added value. CAPRILLICE cheeses have a differentiating quality and safety, which distinguish them from other products on the market, thus ensuring our quality.

See the Quality policy of Lácteos Segarra.



Since 1986, our master cheese maker has devoted all his experience and knowledge to finding the perfect balance to conquer the most demanding palates with the best goat cheese. As a result, Caprillice is an exquisite selection of the best Mediterranean goat milk. It has a noble texture and a noble and traditional flavour due to the pause and rest in its elaboration.

certificados de calidad de los quesos lacteos segarra