Where to buy goat’s cheese?

Where to buy goat’s cheese?

Whether in salad, as a snack or a starter, in confectionery or enriching a variety of recipes for the main course, in Spain goat’s cheese is naturally present on the table and in the market. From here it has also made the leap to the international market, becoming a name synonymous with flavour and quality. Already, many people are carrying out Google searches for “buy goat’s cheese” or “goat’s cheese manufacturers” and coming across brands such as Lácteos Segarra.

Our company makes cheese from the milk of its own farm and, after more than thirty years of work in the sector, our products are present in large international stores as well as in well-known trade fairs such as ANUGA.


3 supermarkets where you will find Caprillice goat’s cheese


The Greeks said that cheese was “a gift from the gods”, and it certainly represents a food so present in our culture that its origin goes back to times before written history. Rich in Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus and vitamins A, D, B1, B2 and B12, it is also a source of proteins and essential amino acids. It is a classic of the healthy Mediterranean diet. And it is precisely in this area of the Mediterranean where cheese is traditionally made with goat’s milk, giving it a characteristic flavour.

In Spain, Caprillice goat’s cheese (Capri: goat, illice: ancient name of Elche) is easy to find in supermarkets throughout the territory, both peninsular and on the islands. Large supermarket and distribution chains such as Carrefour, Eroski or Alcampo, ensure the various varieties are always on hand for the consumer. Products made with 100% pasteurised goat’s milk, with the most important international quality certificates: IFS (International Featured Standards) and BRC (British Retail Consortium).


Which variety of goat’s cheese to choose?


At Lácteos Segarra we have a wide variety for all tastes:

  • Soft Caprillice Cheese

The soft cheese is presented in two very easy to use formats: in heat-sealed tubs that keep it in perfect condition; and in blocks, ideal for grilling and frying. It is a cheese made in a traditional way, resulting in a light semi-pressed texture, easy to cut as desired. It is rindless with the characteristic white colour. It has a fresh aroma and its flavour is mild and salty (especially in the version produced for sale in blocks). Due to its low calorie content, it is an ideal choice for those who want to maintain a balanced diet without giving up the taste of a great cheese.

  • Soft Caprillice Servilleta

This is a traditional cheese of the Valencian Community, made by wrapping the cheese with a napkin-shaped cloth during its ripening process. The small grooves that can be seen on its surface testify to this curious traditional elaboration method. It is a rounded cheese with a light rind and a smooth texture, dense but not hard. It undergoes a brief ripening process of around 25 days, until it develops a buttery flavour, which is decisive but soft on the palate.

  • Caprillice Oreado Cheese

Among the varieties we offer, this is one of the most highly demanded. Its gentle ripening process, lasting approximately 30 days, provides the characteristic balance between the classic goat’s cheese flavour and a lighter taste. It is a white cheese, with a golden rind and a dense and aromatic texture. Suitable for lovers of good cheese and also for those looking for a balanced flavour to complement their dishes.


  • Caprillice Hard Cheese

This product requires a lengthy ripening process of at least 6 months, with careful monitoring of the process by the cheese masters. This results in a cheese with a full flavour, with intense and varied nuances. It is a classic product appreciated by discerning palates, and provides an essential element of any cheese board in the form of a classic, strong cheese.


  • Caprillice goat’s log

A totally different product from the rest of the Lácteos Segarra range. Packed in its own box, the goat’s cheese log is a typical soft cheese with a creamy texture. With a white Penicilium blanket covering its rind, this is a cheese with an intense flavour yet remaining fresh at the same time. Recipes that call for goat’s cheese logs are endless! Here we give you some suggetsions.

  • Caprillice la Casita

This is a cheese matured for 30 days and made in a pentagonal shape, ideal for cutting into thin slices. A product which is white in colour with a firm texture, this cheese is buttery to the touch and on the palate, and has a brown rind. It is best suited to those looking for a gently mature flavour, and will please a wide variety of palates.

  • Hard Caprillice Bifidus cheese

With all the flavour of hardened cheeses made 100% with goat’s milk, and enriched with Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. The result is a natural product which can help to regenerate the intestinal flora of those who consume it. A food that facilitates the digestion and absorption of the nutrients involved in the synthesis of enzymes and vitamins.

  • Caprillice lactose-free cheese

A product that allows our lactose intolerant consumers to enjoy the special flavour of goat’s cheese





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