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Goat cheese artisans
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Enjoy a nutritious and tasty diet for the whole family

Caprillice Cheese

To understand the new gastronomic tendencies that the market demands performs priority order for our signature, this way, our cheeses of exceptional flavor and freshness are an indispensable part of the "Mediterranean diet".

"a cheese for the whole family"

Caprillice Cheese

Prepared 100 % with pasteurized goat milk, chosen from the best cattle of the zone.
Due to the proper characteristics of the goat milk, our cheeses have the unique characteristics:

- Easy to digestive
- Less lactose.
- Rich in Calcium, Iron and vitamins (A, D, B1, B2, B12).
- Excellent source of proteins, containing a big number of essential amino acids.
- Low levels of casein alpha-s1, the main cause of allergy of the cow milk.
- Rich in 3 greasy acids: Capric, caprylic and caproic.

In addition to all these properties, our products differ from the rest of goat cheeses in each of the characteristics organoleptic reached, thanks to a traditional production that has been supported across the years

Caprillice Cheese

Stages of production

Reception of milk:
We receive the best milk in isothermal trucks with temperature controlled (4ºC) and then we storage it in our siloes.

Fermentation and coagulation. After the fermentation and curd, there is obtained a homogeneous grain with which one we proceed to fill the moulds.
Maturation, during the time corresponding to every type of product.

Always following the tracking controlled 100 % from the collection of the milk up to its commercialization to obtain the ideal condition of the product.

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