Soft mix

of cow and goat

This soft blended cheese combines all the properties of cow’s and goat’s milk, providing a smooth and intense flavour and a spongy texture ideal for a multitude of recipes.

Queso fresco mezcla de vaca y cabra.

Soft mix formats

WEIGHT1,7 kg250g200g
PRESERVATION2-4 ºC2-4 ºC2-4 ºC
BEST BEFORE25 days25 days25 days

At Lácteos Segarra we are manufacturers of goat’s cheese, but we also offer other varieties. That’s why we created our well-known brands Keslay and Illiques, dedicated to the production of mixed and cow’s cheeses. Made with high quality milk that provide excellent nutritional values, ideal for our body. Find out more!

Cow and Goat

1.7 kg | Code: 1008

Cow and Goat

250 g | Code: 1032


200 g | Code: 1155


1,6 kg | Código: 2029

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Recetas con

queso servilleta tierno



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