Cottage or ricotta-style


Requesón is a lactic ferment that is extracted from the whey that we use for our fresh cheese. It has a multitude of properties and benefits for the body. Its flavour is very smooth and versatile, making it ideal for both sweet and savoury recipes.

Requesón de cabra, uno de nuestros quesos frescos ideal para recetas dulces y saladas

Requesón formats

CODE4003 4000  
WEIGHT1 kg250 gr  
BEST BEFORE25 days25 days  

In honour of Elche’s more than 2000 year history, our main brand was born: “CAPRILLICE”. It is the result of the fusion of two concepts, each with its own meaning: CAPRINO, from the Latin and referring to goat farming, and ILLICE, which corresponds to the name by which the city of Elche was known about 2000 years ago, at the time of Emperor Julius Caesar Augustus.


1 kg | Code: 4003


250 gr | Code: 4000

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